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16 oz HOME MADE Juice, made from

purple corn, pineapple, apple and fresh lime juice.  FRESH MADE DAILY.

Health benefits: (chicha morada)

a. Promotes tissue regeneration/healing

b. Prevents cardiovascular disease

c. Delays/slows degenerative processes

d. Has an anti-aging effect on the skin

e. Increases blood flow

f.  Has a diuretic effect

• Inka Kola...2.25

• Kola Inglesa….2.50

• Sodas or Ice Tea….2.25

• Hot coffee or Tea...1.99

• Orchata or Jamaica

(16 oz) fresh made daily...2.99

• Authentic Peruvian Beer Cusquena

and Cristal ...3.99

• Corona Beer and others…3.50

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